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Zhenjiang Yutai Explosion-proof Electric Heater Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983. Twenty years, we have been working to create a reliable product for our customers and end users. Your satisfaction is our unswerving goal. Because we know that the responsibility is extremely heavy, life above all else, so we provide not only the quality of products and services, it is the user productivity, security commitments.

From then do ordinary electric heater production to 1988 due to the domestic petrochemical, military, development needs, we launched on Explosionproof electric heater complete sets of equipment research and market development, and through national instrument safety supervision station testing, access Explosionproof license book . Explosionproof rating ExdⅡCT1-T6, protection class IP66, the same year the China Classification Society CCS certification, in 2009 achieved national Explosionproof electric heater production license. Our products have reached the national standard GB3836.1 ~ 3-2000 production standards.

We specialize in the design, manufacture special type number of electric heater, Explosionproof electric heater, general electric heater and the like. electric heater production capacity from 1KW ~ 2000KW / sets. (Subtitle: The product has Explosionproof heating pipe, ordinary heating pipe, heating rod bolts, ash electric heater, tank electric heater, constant temperature control cabinet, Explosionproof electric air conditioner ...... complete specifications, reached the national standard GB3836.1 ~ 3- 2000 production standards Explosionproof rating:. ExdeIICT1-T6, protection class:. IP66 Explosionproof electric heater and thermostat control cabinet buffet YFFB products are widely used in military, aerospace, nuclear power plants, offshore platforms, power plants, petroleum, oil, chemical, to Air, a variety of liquid natural gas, methyl chloride, thermal oil, gas heated.)

Our company uses advanced testing equipment and scientific management methods, the process from design to manufacturing process, with a short duration, fast speed, quality Three Guarantees, to do business integrity. Since the trigger control circuit using the ASIC and intelligent device significantly improved the stability of the regulator and reliability of its small size, light weight, high efficiency, long life, flexible control, regulate smooth, three-phase symmetry, convenient operation and maintenance of a series of advantages. In particular, high-power electric heater start (work) no impact on the plant's power grid and volatility. With manual and automatic, temperature, temperature control, digital set to automatically lower the voltage function, and ultimately to the thermostat. It is hot temperature or step-down power means the best equipment.

Zhenjiang Yutai Explosion-proof Electric Heater Co., Ltd. has a research, design, manufacturing integration team, (subtitle: A senior engineer 3, container experts 2, 8 engineers, technicians and 11) specifically for customers design, manufacture special type numbers electric heater, Explosionproof electric heater, general electric heater, Explosionproof heating pipe, tank electric heater, HTF electric heater, hot coal electric heater and pressure vessels, Copper / aluminum casting Explosionproof electric heater , iso-type electric heater, too Oil filter magnetic rod, grill, etc., complete specifications.

Early in the 1990s, Zhenjiang Yutai Explosion-proof Electric Heater Co., Ltd. production Explosionproof electric heater and Automatic constant temperature control cabinet worked in key projects in the country Large played a significant role, priority replace the imported products. For the Ministry of Aerospace Industry rocket launchers, military products, the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, Suzhou Thermal Power Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Central China Normal University, Institute of Petrochemical, Sinopec Oil Refining, oil, offshore platforms, Shanghai Aerospace Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. to provide a large number of high-price cheaper products, and it has been unanimously praised by users.

Zhenjiang Yutai Explosion-proof Electric Heater Co., Ltd. and Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a 1100KW supporting the production of a heater for Large Beijing Dongfang Chemical, 2005 Japan Toyo specifically for my company sent a China on the 1st certificate. At present my company's electric workshop 585m², electronic control workshop 388m², standardization workshop 2880m² (10T lane), office buildings, research, design a total area of 6180m², a total area of 20000m², with an annual output value of 50 million yuan.

Currently Yutai company to apply for national patent project has reached 16, with a set of scientific research, development, design in a powerful team, is the first electric heater industry, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province was awarded the title of the unit, but it is also the country's new one of the key product business units.

The challenge of the new situation, we will, as always committed to the development Explosionproof electrical equipment industry, always with high-quality products, quality service, high level of corporate reputation in the service users, service to society. A warm welcome to new and old customers and peer units visit us, in order to facilitate the development of plans, create brilliant.