Advantages and characteristics

0~10V Dimming

0~10V Dimming

In the production process of poultry, different growth stages require differe

No flickering LED

No flickering

flickering has stress on poultry, and long-term stress slows growth time and

Customized light distribution curve

Customized light distribution curve

According to the different breeding methods of poultry, specially designed la

50000 hours

Long lifespan

The use of high-quality LED chip, stability, high reliability, unique design,

IP67 waterproof rating LED

IP67 waterproof rating

More and more colleagues change their complaints, and the disinfection of far

safety extra-low voltage (SELV) 48VDC led

safety extra-low voltage (SELV) 48VDC

The IEC standard specifies that, under normal conditions, the upper limit of

High quality LED chip

High quality LED chip

High quality LED chip is adopted to ensure product quality.


Lighting solutions

LED lamps

48V safe low voltage design, IP67 protection level, no flickering, long life, better light distribution design, meet different feeding methods and different stages of life.

Lighting control system

Simulated sunrise and sunset, 0-100% linear regulation, reduce poultry stress, improve poultry welfare. Up to four switches per day can be set up, personalized time, convenient and time-saving.

LED power and lamp accessories

High reliability switching power supply is the guarantee of quality, including wire and electronic products, which is very important to reach the standard.